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The Muscle

The Muscle

Lacey Robinson
Founder of PAWralegals




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The Muscle


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Everything you need to know about PAWralegals

Did you know only 20% of donations to charities come from corporations.


People who make $50,000.00 a year give more in relation to total income than those in all other income ranges.


60% of American households participate in some sort of charitable giving. 

Why am I telling you this and who am I? Hi, my name is Lacey. I am a paralegal and senior case manager at Marshall Injury Law. I started PAWralegals to help local animal shelters and rescues with gathering donations and necessary supplies they need. When people use the word "donation" the first thought that typically comes to mind is "how much do they want?". It is a fair thought, but that is not what PAWralegals is about.

Money is tight with majority of people right now. The economy is shaky, at best. I do my best to specifically hold donation drives to gather items that are gently used or that most households may have laying around. Such as used blankets and towels. Last year, I held The PAWralegals First Annual Blanket Drive and the outcome was unbelievable. I received over 400 blankets and towels. Those blankets and towels were delivered to local shelters that needed them most, they were dropped off at The Henderson Animal Shelter and the Nevada SPCA. 

This year, I held a pet food drive. The Nevada SPCA desperately needed food to stock their pet pantry. Their pet pantry allows pet owners to pick-up pet food for FREE when they are currently experiencing financial hardship and unable to purchase food. This helps keep pets with their owners  and not placed in a shelter due to a financial hardship. Now I know, not a lot of people have extra pet food laying around, but when the NSPCA asked for help, I responded. 

I received a ton of canned cat food, dog treats and kibble. Majority of people that donated pet food had recently suffered a pet loss. After their pet had passed, they had spare food laying around. Once they saw the PAWralegals Food Drive, they immediately donated their spare food to the cause. This was such a heartwarming experience. 

Upon inception of PAWralegals, I just wanted to help local shelters and rescues. Well, that hasn't changed, but I now have this deep connection with pets and their owners. PAWralegals has been live for about a year now. During this past year, I have met so many wonderful people. I have heard stories of their pets from the day they were rescued to the day they crossed the rainbow bridge. It is funny, everyone I have met thinks they have the best dog or the best cat. And none of them are wrong. 


PAWralegals has become so much more to me than I had ever expected. 


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